About us

Pervatech BV supplies pervaporation systems, membranes and technology to recover components out of a liquid mixture by pervaporation. Please learn more about the company in Pervatech’s mission statement and the company history.


As Pervatech, we contribute to a sustainable society by providing innovative separation technology. To this end, we offer technology that is energy-saving, therefore has a lower CO2 footprint and creates opportunities for a more circular society, as well as being cost-effective. We strive to find good solutions together with our customers and suppliers, with respect for everyone’s interests. The safety of our products and processes is a fact, and no concessions will be made in this respect.


Pervatech was founded by Frans Velterop, a well-experienced entrepreneur in membrane technology. The company can be considered as a spin-off from the world-wide recognized center-of-excellence in membrane technology at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands.

1999Pervatech is established in Enter, The Netherlands; start with silica membranes
2002Launch of Optimised Silica membranes
2005Development of hybrid silica membranes
2010ECN license for the HybSi® membrane
2014Scale-up and re-location to Rijssen, The Netherlands
Acquisition of Cobra Technologies BV
2020Rob de Lange joins as CEO
2021Expansion of manufacturing capacity and lab facilities
2022New corporate branding
2022Introduction of Pervatech Continuous Mode Pervaporation Plant